Mobile Connection Explorer

The universal mobile broadband connection manager software for Windows and Mac OS X
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All-in-one mobile broadband solution

With support for devices from all major manufacturers, operators can concentrate on selecting the best device to deliver their services, and stop worrying about managing different connection managers.

Simple and clean user experience

Users of our connection manager don’t have to be experts to connect to the Internet. Once it is installed, there’s really nothing else to do but to click the Connect button. All the complexity of setting up the device and operating system is hidden and automated.

Operator value added services

The connection manager is not only a tool to simplify connecting to the Internet. It is the gateway to all of the operator’s services. Users can check their data plan limits, top up their balance, or activate additional services. Supported channels include USSD, SMS, HTTP.

Rich notification possibilities

We have built in support for SMS messaging. This allows the operator to easily notify users about important events, for example that their data plan limit is approaching.

The application can display Internet banners, which gives opportunity to deliver targeted and interactive advertisements.

High brand visibility

The operator’s brand is front and center in our connection manager. The interface can be skinned with brand logo and colors, so that the services provided by the operator are presented appropriately and identifiably to users.

Operating system support

The connection manager is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


Connecting to the Internet
Creating custom connection profiles
Operator value added services

Selecting mobile network type
SMS messaging

More information

The following documents give detailed information about the features.

PDFIntroduction and Features (Windows)

PDFIntroduction and Features (Mac OS X)

EXEDemo version (Windows)


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