Client applicationSMS/MMS Manager

SMS/MMS Manager is a unified messaging client/server solution for receiving, processing, and sending SMS, MMS, and e‑mail.

Scalable architecture

Every organization or individual has different requirements for their messaging system. Some seek full automation and massive message traffic, while others may just want to send and receive text messages without hassling with the phone keypad. Learn how SMS/MMS Manager scales from a single computer to the whole organization.

Comprehensive user management

It is not feasible for administrators in organizations with many employees to set up separate user accounts for every new system. Read about how SMS/MMS Manager seamlessly blends with the security infrastructure in place so that administrators can stay in control.

Instantly responsive interface

Data like messages and contacts can be shared among many users of SMS/MMS Manager. Watch the demo about how all changes to shared data, be it a new incoming message, or renaming a contact, are immediately visible to those who are authorized to see it.

Rich features and connectivity capabilities

Compatibility is crucial when it comes to mobile devices. Learn about the extensive phone and modem support and extended features like charting and sending messages from the web browser.

Automated processing

The automation capabilities of SMS/MMS Manager are virtually endless. See how organizations can automatically process incoming messages, assign them to specific people, respond with any type of message, or notify external systems by HTTP queries.


  • Send and receive text and multimedia messages the same way you send and receive e‑mail. In fact, send e‑mail too, directly from SMS/MMS Manager.
  • No refresh buttons — see all changes immediately as they happen.
  • Automate message processing with powerful rules. Separate messages into folders based on their content, respond with SMS, MMS, or e‑mail, include dynamic content from the web, and so much more.
  • Run SMS voting polls, notify people by multimedia messages sent to their phone, control systems from the field by SMS.
  • Create compelling graphical charts which are updated in real-time and present them to an audience on the big screen.
  • Assign incoming messages to specific users, so that only they have access to them.
  • Analyze message traffic with per-connection and per-user statistics.
  • Establish an SMS and MMS web gateway so that everyone in the organization can send text and multimedia messages using their web browser.
  • Deploy SMS/MMS Manager on a single computer or across the whole organization.


Supported SMS protocolsEMI
Supported MMS protocolsMM1, MM7
Supported e-mail protocolsPOP3, SMTP
Supported device brands (non‑exhaustive list)Alcatel, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Option, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, ZTE


Download the user manual to learn in detail about SMS/MMS Manager features, environment, and programming interface.

PDFSMS/MMS Manager User Manual

PDFSMS/MMS Manager Overview


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