Scalable architecture

SMS/MMS Manager was designed from ground up to be highly scalable, supporting multitude of deployment and usage scenarios. It is built as a client/server application, separating the user interface from the always running backend. This means that once configured, it automatically receives messages through the connected devices and performs automatic tasks in the background, without the need for the client application running.

When installed on a single computer, SMS/MMS Manager can be used as any other single user desktop application. It is installed in seconds, doesn't require any special configuration, and is lightweight enough to be used as a personal messaging client. On the other hand, administrators can install the backend on a network server, connect many mobile devices, and distribute the frontend application, which is just a single executable file, to its users.

It is also possible to install SMS/MMS Manager on more than one server. In this scenario, administrators can physically separate the connected mobile devices. Certain users are allowed to send messages through one mobile device while others communicate through another.

Dependencies are minimal, so if the organization's policy is strict or when mobile communication needs to be sandboxed, install SMS/MMS Manager on a standalone server to separate it from the rest of the infrastructure.

The default data storage can be replaced by an external SQL database which can then benefit from established backup processes.

Whether the requirements are small or big, SMS/MMS Manager delivers the best solution when it comes to communication with mobile devices.

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