Automated processing

Rule editor

SMS/MMS Manager contains a powerful rule editor which can be used to automate message processing. This allows deploying common scenarios such as SMS voting polls, but also much more complex schemes.

  • React to events like message being received or connection going down.
  • Reply to SMS, MMS, and e‑mail with any type of message.
  • Embed multimedia content like pictures and sound in MMS messages, add attachments to e‑mail.
  • Create contacts and add them to distribution lists.
  • Assign messages to specific users or groups.
  • Control third-party systems with rules by making dynamic HTTP requests or by writing information to an SQL table.

JavaScript for rule scripting

Rule source editor

Beyond the rule editor, there are even more possibilities. Because the rules are implemented in the standardized JavaScript language, familiar to every web developer in the world, experienced users can craft complex scripts and leverage the full potential of the rule scripting language. The API is documented in detail, so rule authors are given access to all aspects of SMS/MMS Manager, be it messages, folders, or contacts.

The rule scripting API documentation can be downloaded here.

Rule tests

To help test the more complex rules, create rule tests. They can simulate events like a message being received, or a connection being dropped, so you can be sure that your rules work correctly.


The following demo shows how to use rules to create a voting poll. (running time 3 minutes)


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